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Design Photo Phone Cases Of Family And Friends


Phone cases are boring pieces of polycarbonate and plastic unless you add a personal touch before delivery. Why pay for the expense of a plain phone cover when for a similar price, often cheaper, you can design photo iPhone cases that feature your family and friends instead.

Before the invention of the mobile phone it was popular to keep photos of the people you love and hold dear, in wallets or on key fobs. Today however we not only keep our family closer but show them to all and sundry by adoring our most used technology with their mugshots.

While a mobile phone case with photo looks great, the benefits are much more than having a fond memory to glance at throughout the day. The custom cases are made from hardened flexible material that offers protection from light impact damage. They won't protect from being run over by a 33 tonne truck, but should keep your phone intact if accidentally dropped.

Think how many times you drop or knock your phone while out and about. Not only when it's in your hand but when in a bag also. That's why we take great care in ensuring the highest quality of phone case. Durable yet with a surface that is still perfect for printing on.

Across all the models of mobile phone that we cater for, both the latest and older handsets. You will be able to choose from at least three different phone covers. These photo phone cases come in a 2mm polycarbonate slimline phone cases which snaps on and off. You can design the rear of this phone case with your imagery.

The second is a a full wrap around photo phone case which is manufactured from injection moulded plastic. It's light weight and fully encloses the edges of your mobile with any image designed meeting the edge. Lastly there's the leather style executive flip cases. Our most luxurious item with plush interior ensuring that the screen isn't scratched during motion.

You can design the front face of the flip case in full colour. Thanks to our investment in state of the art printers your photo phone case will not only look great but will present a high quality finish to almost any image uploaded. The choice of images is entirely up to you.

Photos of family and friends are the most popular, with boyfriends and girlfriends, mums and dads all featuring heavily. Parents and their children especially so. If you're single you may choose a pet instead, constantly being reminded of your dog or cat or parrot back home.

Other options for using photos to cover your phone case include holiday photos, favourite hobbies and sports or even a funny instance caught on camera. Providing a chuckle every time you pick up or put down your mobile, which let's face it, is a hell of a lot.

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